This is our term for grabbing the kids or family and friends and heading out somewhere for the day. It might be the beach, a local park, a fishing stream, rock-climbing, cross-country skiing, swimming hole or hiking spot. The Lewis & Clark is perfect to serve as the home base while everyone is out doing their thing.

When everyone is back and it’s time to share stories and relax; no worries, your trailer is fully stocked and ready to serve up some snacks and drinks while everyone relaxes in the shade.

Normally, you have to pack everything up into the car or back of the truck for a daytrip. But with the L&C, the trailer can always be stocked with plates, water, cookware, propane and your sports gear. You just grab some ice and drinks and food and head out. Then, while you are taking on your activities, you know everything is safely locked up in the trailer, so you don’t have to unpack, pack, and then unpack again.

It’s a super cost-effective way to make it much easier to get out and enjoy the outdoors and relax when you are done.

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