camping with the Lewis & Clark

We believe camping should not be a hassle; it should be easy and drama-free, with maximum time spent in nature. That’s why you came right?

We developed maximum versatility into the Lewis & Clark. You can buy a premium rooftop tent with a 4-inch mattress, or no tent. You can buy a tent and set it up on the ground outside. Some people make up a bed in their truck or SUV.

At the center of this experience is the Lewis & Clark outdoor kitchen. With two 48 inch slide-outs, you have a perfectly designed outdoor cook and food prep area at the ready, along with plenty of storage for pots and pans, pantry items, and a cooler an arm’s length away. Need more cooking power? Just add in a propane cooker to supplement your campstove.

Take a step and you are in the bar area. With more than enough space for creative cocktails, wines, beers or soft drinks. Again, a second cooler with ice and cold drinks is an arm’s length away.

Need more storage? Don’t forget, the other side of the trailer has significant storage space for clothes, outdoor sports gear, and additional food and water.

We believe enjoying the great outdoors should be as easy hitching up to your trailer full of gear and heading out. Somewhere between pitching a small tent on the ground, and pulling a large house on wheels with a big truck, is earth-explore.

The Lewis & Clark is sublimely simple and elegant, yet fully functional. Truly comfortable camping, without hassle and drama.

We are not competing with RV’s, or fifth-wheels, or pop-ups, or tents. We are unique. Our units are superbly designed to provide the best usability at a very attractive price.

Have a look.