New Unit in Manufacturing

Brian and the crew are busy building a new unit for some lucky camper. We are learning and perfecting the manufacturing process all the time. We are definitely ready to get some of these beautiful outdoor recreation trailers behind the cars of people who like to get out and have fun. Carla – I thinkContinue reading “New Unit in Manufacturing”

Pixie Invasion

It took no time at all for Pixie to find her way into our hearts. From the minute I saw her, I knew she must be part of earth explore. She is the perfect mascot for us. Curious and clearly a nomadic wanderer. Her owner says she likes to leave in the mornings and roamContinue reading “Pixie Invasion”

Taking Shape

Brian and Tara took the current prototype out for a quick spin around Monticello this past weekend. The goal was to get some photos and generally see how the unit looked in nature. The design changes already in the works will make a big difference in visuals. But functionally, we are now very close toContinue reading “Taking Shape”

Truckers and Hurricanes

Brian found us a sweet deal for a place to set up camp. We had quickly outgrown his garage and needed to have some more room. So we are officially at 680 Old State Route 47 in Monticello, IL. It’s not ideal, because we are sharing space with a place that does maintenance on semi-trucks,Continue reading “Truckers and Hurricanes”

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