The Lewis & Clark

Our standard unit is the Lewis & Clark. Named for the famed, bold explorers who were willing to embark on an adventurous journey to explore the unknown.

The L&C is a mid-range sized unit, moderately priced, and will serve a variety of functions from camping for extended days and nights, or day-trips to sporting events or serve as a home-base for any number of outdoor activities.

The trailer locks to keep everything safe and secure while you are away, and when you are back, within a matter of minutes, you are ready to relax in the shade.

Some other key design elements include:

  • At 1,400 lbs (unloaded) and tongue weight of 70lbs, it can be towed with most mid-sized cars
  • The unit fits in the garage
  • It is 100% weatherproof–there is no wood or materials that deteriorate with moisture
  • It has excellent storage capacity–everything in these pictures packs easily in storage compartments with room to spare

The Lewis & Clark is thoughtfully designed to meet our core guiding principles. A lightweight adventure trailer that is highly functional for cooking, sleeping, and enjoying time in nature at a fair price.

This unit can be paired with a number of roof top tents, or with no tent at all. It can easily be used simply as a central gathering point when fishing, hiking, hunting or rock-climbing or mountain biking–even if you are not spending the night.

Some people prefer to sleep in the back of their RV or truck or even setting up a traditional tent, but still have the convenience of storage and a fully functional outside kitchen, bar, and pantry.

Check out the various options outlined above to see for yourself the versatility of this unit.