about earth-explore

The average family that buys a pull-behind trailer uses it around 6 times per year. For many, after spending $25,000 or more for the trailer, you now need to also buy a truck to pull it. Some people have to pay for storage. Before you know it, you are more than $50,000 into a system that you are using only a few times a year. And don’t forget maintenance. The larger and more complicated the trailer, the more time and money you will need to set aside for maintenance.

At earthexplore, our guiding principles are simple. We endeavor to make products that are thoughtfully designed to be extremely accessible and functional. They are lightweight enough to pull with most mid-sized cars, have no wood or other materials that easily deteriorate in the elements and our units even fit easily into the garage. We strive for that perfect balance between form and function so your time outdoors is not spent packing and unpacking gear or fixing something.

We have no gadgets to break. No extra ‘features‘ and ‘benefits‘ that add cost and weight but do not enrich your experience. Our features are inherent in the simplistic design that provides everything you need for a terrific outdoor experience, but without all kinds of electronics and wiring and plumbing add-ons to complicate your life.

There simply is no other recreational trailer on the market that provides the breadth of functionality at such an affordable cost. Our units are superbly designed for camping, day-tripping, or tailgating.