Pre-Production Units on Sale Now

It’s time. Honestly. Brian and I started this journey over 4 years ago. Of course work gets in the way. And global pandemics. But here we are.

We’ve learned a lot as we have moved through dozens of different designs to align on the one we are putting out now. We are also already planning improvements and next editions. But we expect the iterative design process to continue forever. We will solicit feedback from the field as well as doing some shake-down camping trips of our own to get inspiration.

And just setting up the Lewis & Clark today for a day trip makes me want to be out camping. Like…….I am really Jonesing bad to be out camping.

Here’s what I know to be true. As a serious camper now for several decades, this unit checks a lot of boxes. We are not trying to compete with RV’s or well-quipped mini-homes-on-wheels. This unit sets up in minutes and has an extremely functional kitchen, bar and pantry area and a super comfortable tent. And plenty of storage. Light enough to pull with a mid-sized car and it fits in the garage so it is out of the elements and no need to pay for storage.

We are looking to sell 8 – 10 units at a discounted price of between $11,500 – $12,000. We will set a final price by next week as we do a final run-through of our costs. Our expected list price without tent will likely be ~ $15,000.

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